World News Briefs — November 26, 2018

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World News Briefs — November 26, 2018

Irish Times: Ukraine’s president signs decree to introduce martial law

Decree to go before parliament, after Russian seizure of Ukrainian ships in Black Sea

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on Monday to introduce martial law for 60 days, a statement on his website said, though it needs parliamentary approval to come into force.

The decision came a day after Russia fired at and captured three Ukrainian vessels, triggering a sharp escalation in tensions between the two countries.

Ukraine’s parliament is expected to debate the decree later on Monday.



East Syria fighting kills more than 200 in three days: monitor. East Syria death toll soars after massive IS attack.

Syria war: Aleppo ‘gas attack’ sparks Russia strikes.

Syria: Chemical attack by ‘terrorists’ sickens up to 100.

Saudi Arabia’s MBS arrives in Bahrain on latest leg of Arab tour.

Iran earthquake: More than 700 injured in Kermanshah.

British ‘spy’ Matthew Hedges pardoned by UAE. British academic Matthew Hedges pardoned after UAE claims he confessed to being captain in MI6.

Palestinian shot dead after injuring Israeli soldiers in car-ramming: military.


Afghanistan: Taliban kills police officers in Farah province raid.

Taiwan voters reject same-sex marriage referendum.

China welcomes defeat of Taiwan’s ruling DPP in local elections.

Health crisis: Papua New Guinea fights tuberculosis menace.

Bangladesh faces refugee anger over term ‘Rohingya’, data collection.

Police face-off with tribe in missionary killing on remote Indian island.

Nearly 150 pilot whales washed ashore on remote New Zealand island.


Mali: Senior member of JNIM Amadou Koufa killed in French raid.

12 dead in suspected Mozambique Islamist attack.

U.S. embassy warns citizens of possible threat in DRC capital.

Somalia: Sufi scholar, followers killed in al-Shabab attack.

Nigeria could lose $6bn from ‘corrupt’ oil deal linked to fraud.

Zimbabwe: opposition leaders launch new attempt to share power.

At least 31 killed after Uganda party boat capsizes.


Russia seizes Ukrainian ships near annexed Crimea. Russia seizes three Ukrainian ships in Black Sea after firing on them.

Ukraine demands Russia release vessels as tensions build.

Ukraine president decrees martial law, pending parliamentary approval.

Russian Consulate territory ON FIRE as protesters pelt it with flares in Kharkov (PHOTOS, VIDEO).

Brexit deal: EU bids sad farewell to United Kingdom.

Stopping Brexit? EU’s top court hears UK exit reversal case.

Italy budget: Rome set to back down in EU row.

Paris begins clean-up after ‘gilets jaunes’ clash with police.

Swiss vote no in sovereignty referendum.


Trump tells Mexico to ship migrants home or see border permanently closed.

Mexico to deport asylum seekers who tried to breach US border.

Democrats to probe Trump money ties to Russia, Saudis: lawmaker.

California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfires have been contained.

Brazil’s president-elect shakes up foreign relations.

Amazon rainforest deforestation ‘worst in 10 years’, says Brazil.

Heavy snow hammers U.S. Midwest after holiday weekend.


Ten years after Mumbai terror attacks, US offers $5M reward for info leading to attackers.

FBI announces $3 million reward for help finding Iranian who sourced IED parts from Minnesota.

US-backed forces launch counterattack against Islamic State in eastern Syria.


China-US tensions rise ahead of Xi-Trump trade talk.

Digital ad duopoly under threat as pressure mounts on Facebook and Google.

Saudi Arabia pumps record amount of oil as Trump piles on pressure.

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World News Briefs — November 26, 2018