World News Briefs — December 3, ,2018 (Evening Edition)

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World News Briefs — December 3, ,2018 (Evening Edition)
Bush family members, Vice President Pence, senators, congressmen, cabinet secretaries, members of the Supreme Court, and distinguished guests paid tribute to the late president

Daily Mail: ‘A steady hand, staying the course’: Pence, McConnell and Ryan eulogize George H.W. Bush in dramatic Capitol Rotunda scene as he lies in state and Americans line up to mourn passing of ‘gentleman’ president

* Former President George H.W. Bush’s body was brought into the U.S. Capitol on Monday evening to lie in state
* His flag-draped coffin was laid to rest on the catafalque built to rest the remains of Abraham Lincoln
* Politicians praised his service, his leadership, his modesty and his kindness as the Bush family looked on
* Senators, congressmen, cabinet secretaries, Supreme Court justices, and Vice President Pence were on hand to pay their respects
* His remains were transported by a motorcade Monday morning to a Texas Air National Guard base and loaded onto the jet that serves as Air Force One
* The jet landed hours later at Joint Base Andrews in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C., under the callsign ‘Special Air Mission 41’; Jeb Bush met George W. and Neil Bush there
* A group of 114 crew members from the USS George H.W. Bush, a modern aircraft carrier, stood at attention
* Casket arrived at the U.S. Capitol less than an hour later, with the hearse flanked by military units
* Bush will lie in state in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol from Monday at 7:30 p.m. until Wednesday at 8:45 a.m.
* State funeral will include memorial service at 11 a.m. on Wednesday at the National Cathedral with President Trump in attendance but not speaking
* After the service, Bush’s casket will be flown to Houston for another service at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, followed by another public viewing
* Private funeral service scheduled for Thursday with about 1,200 invited guests
* Motorcade will transport Bush’s casket to a train station north of Houston
* Union Pacific train will take about 2-1/2 hours to travel roughly 70 miles to College Station, Texas, home to Bush’s presidential library at Texas A&M University
* Locomotive has been painted with the number ‘4141’ in honor of the 41st president; casket will be in a train car with Plexiglas windows to allow people to see it during the trip
* Bush will be buried near Barbara, his wife of 73 years, and their daughter Robin, who died of leukemia at age 3

The remains of the late President George H.W. Bush arrived Monday to lie in state at the U.S. Capitol as family members, senators, congressmen, cabinet secretaries, Supreme Court justices, and Vice President Pence paid their respects.

Bush’s flag-draped coffin found its repose beneath the Capitol Dome, on the catafalque built to rest the remains of Abraham Lincoln, surrounded by paintings depicting the founding of the nation he once led.



US urges Europe to impose sanctions on Iran over missiles.

Iran faces ‘chronic challenges’ beyond US sanctions: speaker.

Iran vows to continue missile tests despite US sanctions.

Syrian war crimes evidence strongest since Nuremberg trials, says prosecutor.

Saudi-led coalition in Yemen says it will allow evacuation of wounded Houthi rebels. Yemen war: Wounded Houthis rebels to be evacuated.

Iraq: Families flee Mosul homes following flash floods.

Netanyahu, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo to meet Monday: Israeli PM’s office.

Israeli PM Netanyahu should be charged with bribery – police.

Chinese President Xi Jinping offers support to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman despite outcry over Khashoggi killing.

Qatar says will leave OPEC.


Law group calls for tribunal for crimes against Rohingya.

China gets US tariff delay but movement on tech unclear.

Trump says US-China ties make ‘BIG leap forward’.

Donald Trump wants Kim Jong-un to know he likes him, South Korean leader says.

Trump asks Pakistan PM for help with Afghan peace talks: minister.

Sri Lanka temporarily bars Mahinda Rajapaksa from acting as PM.

China agrees to control fentanyl in huge step for Donald Trump in easing US opioid epidemic.

Duterte, whose war on drugs has killed thousands of Filipinos, ‘jokes’ about marijuana use.

Angela Merkel’s ‘PM crib sheet’ amuses Australia.


Morocco-Polisario Western Sahara talks an ‘ice-breaker’.

Gabon president appears in video after long medical absence.

Army clashes with rebels kill 18 in eastern DR Congo.

COP24: Africans expect real action on climate change.

Burundi warned after ex-President Buyoya arrest warrant.

Nigeria’s Buhari denies dying and being replaced by lookalike.

Togo opposition urges shutdown as election campaign starts.

Giulio Regeni murder: Egypt rejects naming of its agents as suspects.

Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 concert held in Johannesburg for African development.


Ukraine calls up reservists amid rising tensions with Russia.

NATO chief says Bosnia set for new move on membership path.

UK’s May says she’ll still have her job after Brexit vote.

Macron to hold emergency Cabinet meeting over Paris protests.

French gas stations left dry by ‘yellow vest’ blockades.

Thousands in Georgia protest against presidential election results.

Ukraine’s Poroshenko for ‘Normandy format’ talks with Russia.

Vladimir Putin says he’s open to talking with Ukraine.

Ukraine port city struggles to weather clash with Russia.

Ukraine far-right militia tries to exploit martial law.

Anti-Immigrant Party breaks socialist stronghold in Spain.

German president heads to China as Beijing courts European economic ties.

Dutch court rejects man’s request to be 20 years younger.


At Capitol, Bush saluted as ‘gentle soul,’ ‘great man’.

Nation prepares for state funeral for George H.W. Bush.

US lawmakers tangle over nuclear arsenal, Russia treaties.

US Democratic senator: US must maintain strategic relationship with Saudis and hold them accountable .

Mexico’s ‘common man’ president pledges end to secrecy.

First leftist sworn in as Mexico’s president in decades.

Mexico’s new president signs deal to stop migrants.

Migrant caravan shelter shut down over ‘bad sanitary conditions’ as hundreds move to new facility.

Argentina and China sign deals strengthening ties after G-20.


ISIS threatens NYC with sniper attacks.

U.S.-led aircraft hit Islamic State hostage killer in Syria-coalition.

Key Afghanistan Taliban commander killed in US air strike.

Islamic extremists are now using drones in Nigeria, leader says.


US-China trade truce sends US stocks solidly higher.

NYSE, Nasdaq to close on Wednesday to honor Bush.

World Bank to invest $200bn to combat climate change.

Trump says he will withdraw from NAFTA, pressuring Congress to approve new trade deal.

WTO paralysed as leaders try to defuse US-China trade war.

Trade war ceasefire ‘does not change anything’, US retail boss Rick Helfenbein says as he predicts ugly time ahead for workers and consumers.

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World News Briefs — December 3, ,2018 (Evening Edition)