Riots Break-Out In Paris

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Riots Break-Out In Paris

Daily Mail: Battlefield on the Champs Elysee: Paris riot police blast water cannon and fire tear gas at thousands of demonstrators protesting Macron’s fuel tax rise

* The worst violence took place in Paris where a huge crowd called for President Emmanuel Macron to resign
* Demonstrators, part of grassroots movement dubbed ‘yellow vests’, were rallying against the fuel tax hikes
* Two road deaths have been linked with protests so far, both at illegal road blocks set up by the yellow vests

A water cannon and rounds of teargas were used by riot police against thousands of French ‘Yellow Vest’ fuel protestors in Paris today as the Champs Elysee was reduced to a battlefield.

The worst violence took place on the most famous avenue in the city where a huge crowd called for President Emmanuel Macron to resign.

‘They included hooded demonstrators who were determined to cause trouble,’ said a police officer at the scene.

‘We’ve been forced to deploy a water cannon and used tear gas to stop them getting to a secure zone.


WNU Editor: A lot of videos on today’s riots are here …. Battlefield Paris: Police hit protesters with tear gas as massive fuel rallies grip France (VIDEO) (RT).

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Riots Break-Out In Paris