Is Ukraine Getting Ready For War?

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Is Ukraine Getting Ready For War?
© Reuters / Mikhail Palinchak

Yuri Lapaiev, RCD/Eurasia Daily Monitor: Martial Law in Ukraine: A Rehearsal for War

In late evening, on November 26, the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament) implemented Martial Law in selected regions of Ukraine that is to last until December 26 (, November 26). President Petro Poroshenko pushed the legislature to adopt this measure after the Russian Coast Guard attacked three Ukrainian naval ships and captured their crew a day earlier (see EDM, November 26, 28, 29). This attack took place in international waters, in violation of the 2003 bilateral agreement between Russia and Ukraine as well as international law (see EDM, December 10).


WNU Editor: Most people in Ukraine believe this is a ploy to help Ukrainian President Poroshenko win next year’s Presidential election. I also concur with this opinion.

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Is Ukraine Getting Ready For War?