Future CMCs with Prompt Global Strike capability | Altay MBT enters full-rate production | F-18 crashes into Philippine Sea

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Future CMCs with Prompt Global Strike capability | Altay MBT enters full-rate production | F-18 crashes into Philippine Sea

Enterprise Services is receiving additional funding for work on the currently running Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract. The modification with a potential maximum value of $486 million extends the potential ordering period by eight months. NGEN increases government operational and design control of the network and requisite Information Assurance enhancements to meet evolving security requirements. Its part of the DoD’s Joint Information Environment (JIE), which refers to an initiative to increase operational efficiency, enhance network security and cost savings through reduced infrastructure and manpower, achieved through the convergence of the Department of Defense’s multiple enterprise networks into a common global network. Work will be performed throughout the continental US, Europe, Guam, Korea and Japan. The contract runs from October 1, 2018 through May 31, 2020.

The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory is being awarded with a contract modification to support the Navy’s common missile compartment (CMC) development. The modification is priced at $109 million and provides for research into new technologies to meet the guidance requirements of the Navy’s future CMC which will be fitted onto the Columbia- and Dreadnought-class SSBNs. The Laboratory will also provide specialized technical knowledge and support for future hypersonic missiles, including their guidance, navigation and control systems. This contract supports the DoD’s Prompt Global Strike program which seeks to develop a system that can deliver a precision-guided conventional weapon airstrike anywhere in the world within one hour, in a similar manner to a nuclear ICBM. Work will be performed in Cambridge, Massachusetts and El Segundo, California. The contract will run until September 2019.

The US Army Contracting Command is awarding a contract modification to Longbow LLC. The contract, worth $8.9 million, provides for laser and longbow Hellfire engineering services. Hellfire missiles are the USA’s preferred aerial anti-armor missile, and are widely deployed with America’s allies. It is a combat proven tactical missile system using multiple launch platforms. The Hellfire is a 100lb class air-to-ground precision weapon delivering multi-target capability and precision strike lethality. The AGM-114L “Longbow Hellfire” adds a millimeter-wave radar seeker, which makes it a “fire-and-forget” missile. This missile’s distinctive name is a reference to the AH-64D Apache Longbow, whose sensor mast atop its rotor hub has the ability to detect, identify, and engage targets using the Longbow Hellfire. Work will be performed at the company’s facilities in Orlando and Ocala and is estimated to be completed by November 7, 2019.

Middle East & Africa

Turkish-Qatari armored vehicles manufacturer BMC is being tapped for the mass production of the Turkish-designed Altay MBT. The contract signed between BMC and the Turkish Defence Industry Directorate (SSB) covers the initial production of 40 Altay tanks, with the first expected to be delivered in about 18 months. The Altay is the future third generation main battle tank for the Turkish army. Altay incorporates the most modern features of a tank. The Turkish MBT has a crew of four, comprising the driver, gunner, loader and commander. The tank is equipped with a state-of-the-art Volkan fire control system and battlefield management system, indigenously developed by Aselsan. Eventually BMC will produce up-to 210 tanks in a currently undefined timeframe. The program’s cost has not been disclosed to this date.


Italy will become the launch customer of the military variant of Leonardo’s AW169 helicopter. Leonardo will replace the ageing fleet of Bell types flown by the Guardia di Finanza police agency at a cost of $315 million. The contract also includes a support and training package. The AW169 external link is a new generation multi-purpose twin engine light intermediate helicopter providing a multi-role capability and a high mission flexibility. The AW169 Armed Aerial Scout supports missions such as armed reconnaissance, escort, command and control, security operations, target acquisition and targeting, as well as fire support coordination. Military qualification for the AW169s will be supplied by Italy’s Armaereo agency. The aircraft will be configured with a number of features, including electro-optical/infrared sensors, a rescue hoist and night-vision goggle compatibility. First deliveries will take place in mid-2019, and will run until 2024.

The Dutch MoD is ordering several PointShield systems from Israel’s DSIT Solutions. The PointShield is a compact, lightweight portable diver detection sonar (PDDS). Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) systems are sonar and acoustic location systems employed underwater for the detection of divers and submerged swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs). The system’s advanced signal processing algorithms support fully automatic operation, from detection, through tracking to classification and alert. Gadi Leibovich, president and CEO of DSIT, said: “The PointShield system provides navies with rapid deployment, automatic detection of all types of threats, high reliability and real time continuous monitoring all at competitive prices and is tailored to specific user demands.”


US Navy Carrier Air Wing 5, which is currently embarked on the USS Ronald Reagan, lost a fighter aircraft. One of the wing’s F-18 jets crashed into the Philippine Sea earlier on Monday. Both pilots safely ejected and were rescued by a MH-60 Seahawk. The F-18 experienced a “mechanical issue that resulted in the crew ejecting” while carrying out “routine operations” from the Nimitz-class super-carrier, the US Navy 7th Fleet said.

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Future CMCs with Prompt Global Strike capability | Altay MBT enters full-rate production | F-18 crashes into Philippine Sea