Coup Attempt Fails In Gabon

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Coup Attempt Fails In Gabon

The Guardian: Gabon detains soldiers after failed coup

Group of soldiers had called on people to ‘rise up’ while ailing president is out of country

The Gabonese government has put down a coup attempt after a group of soldiers briefly took over state radio and broadcast a statement calling on people to “rise up” while the president, Ali Bongo, is in Morocco recovering from a stroke.

Authorities have regained control of the state broadcasting offices and a major thoroughfare in the capital, Libreville, which were the only areas taken by the plotters, the government spokesman Guy-Bertrand Mapangou told Radio France International.


WNU Editor: There are currently US forces in Gabon …. US troops in Gabon remain focused on Congo despite local coup attempt (Stars and Stripes).

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Coup Attempt Fails In Gabon