Brazil Considers Allowing U.S. Military Base In Country

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Brazil Considers Allowing U.S. Military Base In Country

Newsweek: Brazil Considers Allowing U.S. Military Base in Country in Response to Russia’s Support for Venezuela’s Maduro

Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro said that he would consider allowing the U.S. to operate a military base in his country, especially in the wake of Russia’s increasing military and economic cooperation with Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro.

Speaking to Brazilian broadcaster SBT on Thursday, Bolsonaro added that he would be open to negotiating a U.S. military presence on Brazilian soil, especially since Moscow’s presence has exacerbated tensions in the region. “Depending on what happens in the world, who knows if we would not need to discuss that question in the future,” Bolsonaro said, according to Reuters. He also underscored that Brazil’s purpose is to cement its “supremacy here in South America.”


WNU Editor: The Brazilian military is not enthusiastic with this idea …. Brazil military uneasy with Bolsonaro’s openness to U.S. base -source (Reuters)

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Brazil Considers Allowing U.S. Military Base In Country