Army awards CACI International $413M for Trojan Strong comms support

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Army awards CACI International $413M for Trojan Strong comms support

Washington DC (UPI) Nov 19, 2018 –

CACI International has been awarded a $413 million contract by the Federal Acquisition Service to provide support for ground-based intelligence and communications systems within the Army’s Trojan Strong program.

The five-year contract, announced Monday, is placed on behalf of the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center for new and continuing work on Trojan Strong.

The contract supports Trojan Strong with engineering, design and development, fabrication, testing, fielding, maintenance and modernization services. The system functions as a way to disseminate signals and data intelligence to tactical commanders in near-real time using encrypted satellite transmissions and established ground communications stations.

The Trojan series of secured satellite intelligence communications dates back to Operation Desert Storm and has been upgraded many times to update system architecture and interoperability with other data transmission networks.

“CACI is proud to expand our support for one of the U.S. Army’s most critical intelligence missions,” Ken Asbury, president and chief executive officer at CACI, said in a press release. “By providing high-quality solutions that deliver emerging capabilities to address new and varying threats from unconventional and asymmetric warfare, we help our customers maintain information superiority for America’s military and ensure the safety of U.S. forces on the battlefield.”

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Army awards CACI International $413M for Trojan Strong comms support